Terra Chalberg and Rachel Sussman have been friends and colleagues since they met in 2001 in the editorial department of Scribner, where they each developed a discerning eye for quality, keen editorial instincts, and an unwavering commitment to the power of the written word. A decade later, with over ten years of agenting experience between them, Terra and Rachel joined forces to create a dynamic new literary agency representing a broad range of fiction and nonfiction authors in the areas of literary and commercial fiction, memoir, narrative nonfiction, lifestyle, humor, and pop culture. Their work as agents is marked by passionate author advocacy, deep knowledge of all aspects of the publishing business—including international, audio, and film/television rights—and the agility and creativity necessary in an ever-changing publishing climate. They like to think of their relationship as representing the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, opposing but complementary, and that they are able to harness this unusual harmony and balance to provide unparalleled representation to the agency's growing list of talented authors.